Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lush Beautiful Eyelashes with Moodstruck 3D Fiberlashes ~ A Review

Moodstruck 3D Fiberlashes by Younique

Moodstruck 3D Fiberlashes is a eyelash enhancing duo designed to increase thickness and volume of your own lashes while looking completely natural. Used in conjunction with your favorite mascara, the Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers increase your natural lashes in length and volume making them appear lush and full.

Several important points:

  • Moodstruck 3D Fiberlashes are safe for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes.  They are completely hypoallergenic.
  • All natural fibers. The fibers are made from green tea leaves.
  • They come in a hard sided case as shown above. (I think the case looks pretty classy as well).
  • The set lasts for approximately 3 months

Moodstruck 3D Fiberlashes are available for $29 at  .

My Thoughts

Over the years I have gotten out of the habit of wearing colorful makeup. When going out I'd put on foundation to look presentable, but that was about the extent of it. There just didn't seem the need to do much more to stay home. Occasionally I would add mascara to perk up my eyes, however it didn't help much. When I had the opportunity to try Moodstruck 3D Fiberlashes I jumped at the chance, thinking this would be a lovely treat to myself.

I am so impressed! Moodstruck 3D Fiberlashes gives me noticeable eyelashes. My natural eyelashes are very light so they usually disappear and this is exacerbated by my glasses. However with Moodstruck 3D fiberlashes I actually have noticable eyelashes with glasses. I could actually see my lashes! It took some getting used to what I saw, but its great. You can use as many coats of fibers as you wish, but I used just one application and was thrilled with the results.What a difference!



 Moodstruck 3D fiberlashes are very easy to apply, but it did take a little practice to get the right amount of transplanting gel to seal the fibers on. The first couple times I used this I didn't use enough transplanting gel after putting on the fibers so they flaked off throughout the day. But once I figured that out I had no problems with flaking or coming off. When I did want to take it off at the end of the day a couple swipes of make up remover was all it took for totally clean lashes.

Moodstruck 3D Fiberlashes certainly give beautiful noticeable eyelashes.

Disclaimer: I received this product for the purposing of evaluating it and writing this honest review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own. I have not been compensated in any other manner for this review.

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Wizzy Gizmo

Wizzy Gizmo

Wizzy Gizmo produces a line of Christian Education Resources for children. The offerings include books, audio dramas, and reference cards to help children learn about the Bible.  All of these products can be used for family Bible study or by children individually. 

I recently received a set of Fast Track Bible Pack New Testament books of the Bible overview cards.
The cards are designed to be a Bible study tool to acquaint children (and adults) with basic facts about each book of the New Testament in a compact easy to handle format.

Card Front
Wizzy Gizmo Fast Track Bible Reference Cards   $14.99

The front of the card is a catchy, story like introduction to the book. They often pose a question to the child/ reader to connect the book with something in their life. At the end of this story is a short verse from the book which could be used as a memory verse while learning about the book. There is also a sidebar giving the author, date it was written and number of chapters in the book. The bottom of the card features a theme for the book.

Card Back
On the back of the card you will find an outline, key chapters, key passages, key doctrines, and key people. Each of these is color coded ~ this really helps in keeping your place on the card.

The Scripture references are from the New American Standard Bible. Since the NASB tries to be close to the Greek and Hebrew texts, this shows a desire to refrain from paraphrase editions driven more by culture than by actual biblical language.

My Thoughts

My 10 year old didn't really care for these cards. He preferred to use the similar material in the book introductions contained in The Lutheran Study Bible by Concordia Publishing House. The fact that these cards do not draw significantly on the sacramental theology observed by the Church since apostolic times probably contributed to his seeing a difference between the cards and the religious instruction that he has received to date.

That is to be expected, given differences with novel doctrines like dispensational millennialism and the lack of balance between Law and Gospel. Indeed, the cards tend to turn the Good News into a book of rules. Only the card for Luke mentions the resurrection, and there is no mention of the ascension! Jesus is key only on two Gospel cards, even though Luke 24 makes Him central.

Key verses seem to have little internal consistency with the biblical text. They seem to be picked in order for this or that denominational tradition to find its talking points. The cards simply take some generic Protestant ideas for granted. Scripture might not always support that interpretation.

Other points are emphasized without real explanation. The card for Acts mentions 19:1-7 regarding the Spirit. The verses actually engage Trinitarian Baptism and the role of the Spirit in confessing the Trinity, a central element of the Great Commission (to the Eleven and their successors in Matthew).

The cards seem to take more time in being "not Catholic" than trying to present what Scripture actually says, as if marketing to a generic Protestant target would cover up otherwise deep differences among traditions in the interpretation of Scripture.

The focus is on general Protestant fundamental doctrines common in Baptist or Evangelical non-denominational traditions.

While the cards do a good job at pointing out many fundamentals like the virgin birth of Christ, His divinity, and so on, they illustrate just how difficult it is to create a Bible-related product amid different streams of biblical interpretation. One size never really fits all.

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Disclaimer: I received a set of the cards described here solely for the purpose of writing this review. I have not received any other kind of compensation. All opinions expresses here are solely my own. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

3 Things We Did Last Week

I am squeaking in just under the wire sharing these activities with you and being able to say last week. My husband had to go to a multi day meeting in Destin, Florida for work last week so we took a break from school work and the kiddos and I went along.

1. For one of our meals while we were there we went to McGuire's Irish Pub. They are known for their Irish fare, of course, but they also feature some great seafood dishes. Also one their menu is 'The Garbage Burger'. A burger featuring the traditional toppings and just about everything else you can
imagine, including chocolate fudge and peanut butter. It was probably about 9 inches tall! A friend tried it and he reported it was pretty good. Son had the 'Big Daddy Burger'. This was a more normal size burger featuring cheese, bacon, and jalapeno peppers. He was originally drawn to it because of the bacon and peppers, but really liked it. Now he's asking me to recreate it at home.

In addition to the food, they have become know for the dollar bills hanging from their ceiling. I do not know the full story behind it, but it's rumored there are thousands of dollars hanging throughout the building.

2. This was a must while we were near the beach. We played at the beach and in the waters of the Gulf Of Mexico. Beautiful green water and white sandy beach. However, the salty taste is quite strong. I had never been to an ocean before so this was a lot of fun.

3. Explore the Harbor Walk. This is mainly stores and restaurants, but it was fun to see. The harbor walk had several photo op standing cutouts which were fun for the kiddos and an interesting tree of carvings. These carvings all have significance in the history of  Destin.

It was also fun to look at the various boats anchored along the harbor. They are all commercial boats for ventures like dolphin cruises, fishing excursions, jet ski rentals and a pirate tour. We didn't go on any of these, but it was fun to look at them and look out at the Gulf.

This is a just for fun, bonus picture. I thought the sunscreen station was fun.

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