Thursday, July 15, 2010

NEW TOS REVIEW Travel the World Planner Module

Travel the World

Travel the World Module

Travel the World Schoolhouse Planner Module June 2010
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Dowloadable E Book with online links in the text

For all age levels


The Old Schoolhouse offers many other geography and country related studies at their website.

This Unit Study is part of the Schoolhouse Planner, but can be used apart from the planner; it is a complete study in itself. Travel the World teaches about the continents and oceans of the world.

This study begins by discussing what geography is and the tools we can use to help us learn about the world. There is quite a lengthy discussion of globes and maps, their features, and when each is the most helpful.

Each of the continents is addressed separately with a brief overview of size, location and features. The information is supplemented and expanded on via links to websites. There are even links to games that aid in learning where individual countries are located on each continent. This was a feature my children really enjoyed. The oceans of the world are addressed in less detail, but there are also web links with information.

Many geographic terms are explained and used in the course of study. These could easily be put together and used for a spelling/vocabulary list.

There are also pieces for a basic lapbook. This would be a good starter project for someone who has never made a lapbook before as the mini books are simple to make and there are several links to sites which give information and instructions for lapbooking.

Handwriting practice is not forgotten either; there are multiple pages of both manuscript and cursive copywork practice included. There are other writing activities included; word puzzles, fill in the blanks and a poetry form. Some of these pages could be used for a review or test at the end.

There are a number of activities included that can be used for a high School level student to add additional substance to the study. While I did not use these activities, it looked like some of them could even be adapted for a junior high student.

Several recipes are also included. While they sound good, I didn't try them as they are for types of dishes that my family generally eats in cooler weather.

An extensive list of resources is included at the end. These are predominantly other products that can be purchased to continue studying topics presented here in greater detail. There isn't a bibliography, but it should be fairly easy to find books that would complement the topic if so desired.


Explains geographic features for all the continents
Basic information that even youngest students can understand
Outline maps of the continents with drawings of cultural features

The lines on the manuscript copywork pages are very narrow, especially for beginning writers

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