Friday, October 22, 2010


Oh, What a poor Blog writer I am. I just realized earlier today that I haven't written for several days. I am still around, just occupied with other things. I haven't had any reviews to post, so I just hadn't given my blog much thought.

Well, part of my delay was also waiting for progress in what I was going to share with you. But, nothing has happened. At least 3 weeks ago my children found a butterfly chrysalis hanging on our shed. They were so excited to see it , as we were just finishing up a unit on Insects and Butterflies. I just said "Oh, that's nice". Not really believing them as I was busy with something else at the moment they told me. In the back of my mind I also figured they were mistaking it for something else. Well, when the dragged me out to look several days later, I was astonished to see that it actually was a chrysalis, what looks to be a Monarch butterfly. So I excitedly got out my camera and took several pictures hoping that over the next days we could watch the butterfly come out.

My 6 year old would excitedly get dressed each morning so he could run out side and check on "My Chrysalis". Sadly, nothing has happened. It is still hanging on the shed the same as it was when I first saw it on the 11th. Even though we have not had a frost I fear that the low temperatures over night have gotten to it. From our research we have learned it is long past time for butterflies to have left our area in the Midwest. We can't even figure out why a monarch chrysalis would be here to begin with.

So we are hugely disappointed. What we can see through the chrysalis is beautiful. A vibrant orange set against dark black with silver along the edge. Oh, how we would have loved to see those wings unfurled and ready to take flight.

I still have the pictures, but unfortunately I was not able to get the sharp detail that is visible in person. My idea was to take a series of pictures and post them to share what happened, but sadly, nothing has happened.

Even though we didn't get to see what happens at the end of this stage, it was still wonderful to see all that we have. Now, I wonder how long it will be hanging around on the shed!


  1. You know, I have never seen a chrysalis. Just in pictures. HUMPH!

  2. Oh...that is disappointing! Now you know where to look next year though. You could start hunting around on small brances for Praying Mantis eggs sacks, though. My daughter found a bunch of them 2 yrs. ago, brought them in the house and they *hatched*! Hundreds of little, tiny praying mantis. Take care, mama!