Sunday, February 24, 2013

What Have We Been Up To ?

Despite my intentions to write weekly I just don't seem to get it done. I think it has now been three weeks since I wrote last, but here are a few highlights.

One of the selections in daughters literature book is the Phantom Tollbooth in a drama format.She has loved the movie since she was really small, but has never read the book. So she was very excited when she ran across this selection in her book. We decided to skip ahead to it and have been reading through it the last two weeks. We had to recruit little brother to read with us ans there are so many parts. Thankfully he reads well so he can do it with us and I think he is enjoying it as well. Because they were familiar with the movie they knew what the story would bring, so I had them draw a map featuring the places in the story before we started reading. We have completed reading the script, but have some analysis to do yet. I also plan to include some background about the author as well as make our own lapbook.

In history we have been talking about Ancient India and China. So far we have mainly just read, but I am hoping to do some projects and activities this next week. Both Daughter and Son enjoyed hearing and reading about the Terra Cotta Army.One activity Daughter did was try her hand at Chinese calligraphy. She didn't use paint or brushes, just pencil, but had fun with it.

Earlier this month we went to the homeschool class at our library. The theme was the human heart and heart health. They reviewed how the heart works, thought about exercise and its benefit to the heart, made a simple model of blood flow in the heart as well as using a stethoscope to listen to their heart.

On a different note, I have started reviewing again with a brand new review team, Mosaic Reviews. Mosaic Reviews is a great group of people, some whom I already know from other things I have done online and other people I look forward to getting to know. This is a sister program to Homeschool Mosaics, for which I am privileged to write a monthly column. I have already received several nice products to use and review. The first reviews will be posted shortly.

Hopefully in another week I will have some more interesting activities to share. In the meantime we'll keep plugging away and looking forward to spring.

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