Sunday, April 7, 2013

March Moments

I haven't been very good about sharing weekly summaries so figured I would share a couple pictures from the last month and tell you about them.

One of the first things we did last month was the homeschool class at the library. The focus was weather.  First they tested their knowledge of severe weather and how to respond with a large group quiz. Then they started working on several projects. One of the projects was making an anemometer.

 The children also had the opportunity to make weather station boards and cloud playing cards. Homeschool class is always a lot of fun.

We also "celebrated" Pi Day. First I read Sir Circumference and the Dragon of Pi outloud. Then the kids measured several pie cutouts and then moved onto finding round items in the house to measure and compute circumference.

I also made an apple pie, but I'm not sure where the picture went to. :)

Just after the middle of the month is daughters' birthday. I usually make them a cake showcasing one of the current interests or something they like. This year daughter decided she wanted to chose some candies and make a picture on the cake. She came up with this flower, inchworm and sun design after frosting the cake.

We thought we were done with winter, but on Palm Sunday we learned otherwise. We received over a foot of snow that day. The evergreen between our house and the neighbor couldn't handle the weight of all that heavy snow. 

Also in March we went to the homeschool day at the local history museum. These days are generally a lot of fun and interesting, but this was one of the best. The theme was creating your own museum. All of the activities explained to the children what is involved in setting up an exhibit, event, or museum.

 They learned about writing a one or two person historical play using primary source materials from a staff member who has written many herself. A museum curator shared with us what kind of research is done about artifacts and how that is put onto a label and into the exhibit. In another event students were given a dollar amount and the cost for various types of local advertising with the assignment of choosing how they would advertise their exhibit without going over budget.  We also had the opportunity to look at old pictures and maps of the local area and compare them to the present.

Early in the month both children tried on summer clothes from last year. Unfortunately most of daughters' clothes didn't fit her. The budget doesn't allow for many new purchases right now, but I was able to purchase some clothes for my daughter. A local church was having their annual rummage sale so daughter and I ran over there, curious as to what we might find. It was the last morning and they wanted to get rid of things so all clothing was $1 a bag. Together we filled 4 bags, thus $4. At home I dumped all the bags out on the floor, what you see on the right, and discovered we had crammed over 70 items in those bags. Not everything is for her, I found a couple "new" pieces for myself as well and several are sweaters, but she did end up with quite a few items which will serve her well. I don't think this was too bad a deal.

 So this is pretty much the highlights of our month. We've also been plugging away at other academics, but none of that is terribly exciting.

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