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My Home School Grades Record Keeping and Transcript Online System

I enjoy homeschooling my children but I don't really enjoy the logging and record keeping process. I know the record keeping process will only increase when my oldest hits high school. The idea of making a transcript is also a little bit overwhelming. However, thanks to a new online program I've recently reviewed via Mosaic Reviews most of my record keeping worries are over. I would like to share with you

My Home School Grades

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My Home School Grades is a new online recording resource for recording homeschool grades, activities, and achievements as well as generating transcripts. The user has the ability to select the textbook or resource used and this will show up with the course title and information on the summary or transcript. Users can also request a curriculum be added to the choices already available. Grades for  student work are entered and the program does all the computation. Within each course it is possible to keep separate records and grades for multiple components. As an example a science course could have individual grades for daily work, lab reports, and tests. Each of these can  be weighted in determining the final grade for a class.

So What sets My Home School Grades apart from all the other programs available?
  • The system is simple - it doesn't take a long time to learn how to use it
  • It is easy to customize for your situation and resources you use
  • MHSG does a lot for the user - the system calculates grades or percentages based on your choices and data
  • Can be used on any platform - computer, tablet, phone- ensuring you have access to your information anywhere
  • Customizable for your states unique reporting requirements 
  • Choice of grading scale used
  • Not only can you record information as work is planned and created, but it is also possible to go back to record classes completed in earlier years

 In addition to class and grade information, records can be kept for activities students participate in. Honors and rewards can also be noted and included in a short narrative. Photos and documents can also be uploaded and included in a students portfolio.

Now that you know a little bit about My Home School Grades I would like to share with you some information about how it came to be.  My Home School Grades was started in December 2012 by a homeschooling family because they couldn't find a record keeping program that they liked and worked for them. They wanted something that could be used anywhere and was easy to use yet would do many things. They also wanted it to be simple enough to use without lots of training or time spent learning how to use it. Not only is My Home School Grades designed by homeschoolers, the programmer behind it is a 20 year old homeschool graduate who taught himself to program.

My Homeschool Grades also has unique customer support. There are short, aproximately 5 minutes or less, videos which explain all of the features of My Homeschool Grades. Telephone support is also available directly from the creator of My Home School Grades.

So what does all of this record keeping help cost? A subscription to MHSG is $49.99. This is for a lifetime subscription for a family. Meaning you purchase it once and use it for any number of children for all the years you home educate. It also means any updates and upgrades are available at no additional cost. Visit My Home School Grades to subscribe.  You can try My Home School Grades for two weeks free at the same link.

My Thoughts

I can't begin to tell you how great My Home School Grades is. It is simple to use and customize and doesn't have a steep learning curve. I didn't watch the videos before I started adding information but found it was very easy to put in my children and add their course information, grades, and activities. Generating a transcript is also easy. At any time you hit a button and PRESTO! a transcript is generated and ready to be printed.

I am looking forward to being able to record information in manner required by my state. As I am required to keep records of the length of time spent on each subject, I hope there will be a way to record that.

My Home School Grades has built a reporting/ recording program that is as flexible as homeschooling itself. There are so many options for recording information it is easy to keep a detailed record of a students academic work and make it as unique as the student.

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  1. I love that you can figure it out in about five minutes!