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iTooch Educational Apps by Edupad

Itooch Educational Apps from Edupad
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The Mosaic Reviews review team has recently reviewed some of the apps from  itooch.

Edupad is a French based company, in business since 2011, developing educational applications for mobile devices. Their applications are designed for iOS, Windows, and most recently Android based devices. These apps are designed for grades 3-8 and cover math, language arts and science or health. Each app has up to 6000 Common Core aligned lessons. Edupad also has several language apps and a SAT prep app available.

Students are able to practice material in a variety of sub categories in the apps subject. While answering questions and taking tests they are able to earn points to receive belts of various colors and unlock new levels of information. Progress within a sub category is shown by the circle being colored in as the student progress through the work. The question material is supported by text selections which are read before the questions are answered and are available at any time by opening a sidebar.

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iTooch apps are available in Google Play for Android,the Windows store, and Apple App store. Each app is $4.99, Some trial apps are available for free.

  My Thoughts

Each app is subject specific ie. just language arts or math. I downloaded the 4th and 8th grade language arts apps for my children.  The apps load quickly and feature a cute little character doing many different things. My son enjoys see what it will do next. While they have been enjoying them, I don't feel they have been challenged. My youngest is 4th grade age and he has been flying through the material, usually doing three questions and then taking the test and getting a perfect score. After seeing how my son did I downloaded the app a year above my daughters age and she has experienced the same thing. So while they have been enjoying their time with the apps (and my phone) they have been practicing skills they already know, not necessarily learning new things.

My son has made a lot of progress in the 4th grade language arts modules but he has not completed all of the sub categories so I am not able to see what if anything may be earned at the end or what the various belts might be working towards.

One other thing we noticed is the apps seem to be extremely sensitive to touch. It is very easy to choose an incorrect answer when scrolling up or down or opening the text reference material. The sideways sliding to look at the progress chart is quite fast as well.

If you are able to get the itooch app for free, it is a fun educational supplement, but may not teach a whole lot of new material.

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