Monday, March 10, 2014

February Fun

Once again I am slow in sharing our activities, but I really wanted to share these so I figured better late than never. These are a couple things my children did in February.

During the month one of the things we did was attend a Valentines Day party with other homeschool families in the area.  My children needed valentine boxes for the event to go with the card exchange.

My 12 year old is a Dr. Who fan so she decided she was going to make a Tardis for her box. She did this on her own, without any designs.

My 9 year old was having a harder time coming with with an idea so we browsed pintrest for some ideas. He saw an Angry Birds box, so decided that was what he wanted to make. Big sister helped him some, but most of it was his work.

All I needed to do was provide supplies and make a couple cuts with a craft knife.  I was impressed to see how much they could do on their own.

My 9 year old enjoys LEGO's and is thrilled when they can be a part of school time. So he was excited to see the Valentine version of LEGO writing prompts from Mary at Homegrown Learners. This is a picture of one of his Valentine cards with a slightly different twist on the writing prompts. One asked him to build a heart out of bricks and then write step by step directions for building it. Not only did he do that he also wrote a valentine with a picture of minifigs building a heart. Inside he wrote "Building you a valentine full of fun. Happy Valentines' Day from my minifig and I".  

If you have a LEGO fan check out all the creative LEGO writing prompts at Homegrown Learners. There are many sets, both seasonal and general.

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