Thursday, December 31, 2015

Movie Night with FLIPZ

For many families cooler winter weather leads to more indoor activities. This may include snuggling up and watching movies. FLIPZ candy coated pretzels wants to make your movie night award worthy. FLIPZ makes a great addition to your movie night snack list.

Through Smiley 360 I was recently given several coupons to try FLIPZ chocolate pretzels. I had a hard time finding FLIPZ in my area, but finally after searching 4 stores I finally found them. I am so glad I did they are great.

What I like about FLIPZ.

  • The thick chocolate coating. They don't skip on the chocolate.
  • The chocolate stays on the pretzels, it doesn't come off on you hands. This is great so you don't have to wash your fingers off after every bite.
  • The white fudge pretzels are great. I usually don't care for white chocolate, but this candy coating is good. It's not sickly sweet as I find so many white chocolates are.
  • The milk chocolate variety is great as well. Chocolate - Enough said. 

To try out FLIPZ I put together a simple mix - FLIPZ milk chocolate and white fudge pretzels, peanuts, and raisins. Nothing hard, but yummy. The FLIPZ was a great change from little candies and pretzel sticks in my traditional snack mix.

We didn't have the time to watch a full length movie with our FLIPZ mix. However, I was able to get the third Night at the Museum movie from our library the other day so this will likely be the movie we watch while we enjoy more of our FLIPZ candy coated pretzels. Maybe I can get creative and use FLIPZ in a new way as well.

FLIPZ were a unique treat which my whole family enjoyed. The only thing I was disappointed about was not being able to find the limited edition snowflake FLIPZ varieties.

You can use the link below to learn more about FLIPZ.

Disclaimer: As a member of Smiley 360 I received two full value coupons for the above mentioned product. All opinions expressed here are solely my own. I have not been compensated in any other manner.

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