Thursday, November 15, 2012

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

My children informed me today Thanksgiving is next week, so I guess it is time to share some of the thanksgiving crafts we have made in the past. We haven't done anything Thanksgiving-ish this year,and I am not sure we will get to it, so I think we will just enjoy these items from past years.

Fall Wreath

16 craft sticks
brown paint
craft glue
decorative items  - We used precut fun foam leaf shapes

Paint sticks and let dry.
Glue 2 sticks together in a flattened x shape. Make 8 or 9  pairs.
Place X's together to form a wreath or circular shape. This may take a little trail and error to get the shape you want. Glue together where pieces intersect.  Only move one or two x's at a time. It is much easier that way.
After wreath is dry, finish by adding decorative items.

Mini Native Americans

toilet tissue rolls
assorted construction paper
pony beads
markers glue

Cover top half of tube with cream or flesh colored paper.

Cover middle third with light brown paper.

Cover bottom of roll with dark paper. Make sure this is even with the bottom of the roll, so the roll can stand. If you would like you attach this paper only in the back and then cut fringe in the front and sides.

Thread two or three pony beads onto piece of colored yarn and tie around middle to top of middle section of tube. You may secure it in the back with a dot of glue if you wish.

Cut a narrow strip of colored paper for a head band and glue at the very top of the tube. Glue a small feather to the inside of the roll.

Draw on facial features using markers. You may also decorate the clothing and headband if you wish.


1 inch styrofoam ball
2 inch teardrop or egg styrofoam shape
Brown paint
Fun Foam is assorted fall colors
decorative edged scissors if available
Small google eyes (if desired)

Using slight hand pressure, slightly flatten one side of round ball. Flatten one end of the egg styrofoam shape so it will stand. Slightly flatten other end so it meshes well with round piece.Glue round ball on top of egg shape. Paint both pieces brown.

Cut 3 -6 large circles in assorted colors and sizes of foam for the feathers. These can be cut with decorative edged scissors if you like to add a little detail. Stack on top of each other with one edge of all the circles matching. The other edges will resemble stair steps. Glue together. Be careful not to use too much glue so the feathers don't become to heavy.

Cut out two oval shaped wings.

Cut a beak and wattle out of fun foam.

When paint is dry, attach wings to body at intersection of head and body.

When body and feathers are dry attach them, making sure the bottoms are even on both pieces so the turkey will stand. The bottom of the stack of feathers can be trimmed so it is slightly flat, rather than round. Lay turkey down and hold body until glue begins to dry. Keep flat until totally dry.

Add beak and wattle.

Glue on small google eyes if you wish.  I just noticed they have fallen off my turkeys. I will have to put some new ones on, but I don't think I will retake the pictures.

Happy Crafting and Happy Thanksgiving.

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