Thursday, August 8, 2013

Seventh Grade Curriculum for 2013-2014

The following are most of my curriculum for my 12 year old daughter for this next year. There are something I haven't decided on yet, but hopefully it won't take to much more studying to decide. This is enough to get started with though.


Teaching Textbooks Pre Algebra
Family Math

This will be our first year using TT. The last few years we have been looking for a math program, but none we have tried have been a good fit. I hope this works well for us.


A Bible History


Story of the World 2 The Middle Ages
Famous Men of Rome
Jumpstarters for History
Huzzah means Hurray
Additional Literature and projects

History studies will also include notebooking and outlining. I also plan to include some games and web resources for review.



I am not sure what curriculum yet. I have looked at several that look interesting, but have not made a decision. This may be a whole year topic or it may only be one semester depending on the curriculum chosen.

Language Arts

Spelling Power
Prentice Hall Literature
Writing with Skill

Foreign Language

Finish Latin for Children A
Latin for Children B

Daughter has just a few chapters left in the book which we weren't able to finish in the spring due to our move, so we will finish those up before going on to the next level.


Artistic Pursuits Jr High book 1
Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? 
Art of Argument    -  Logic
piano practice/lessons

Red Herring Mysteries and The Great Chocolate Caper are just two books that we will add in when we have time. We have done some of the Red Herring Mysteries before and both children really like them.

Just as with my son's curriculum there are something I need to figure out yet, mainly in the language arts area and just which science program. But I think I have made enough choices so far that we can get a start on the school year.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm super interested in the Red Herring. I have found picking a Math program hard! After "interviewing" many Mothers who have graduates or High Schoolers they had this to say, The Key to Series is awesome. Whether you supplement with it or use it solely or even better yet, go through them before you do the Math Program full time or take breaks and just use it they all agreed it was GOOD! Saxon seemed to be the one that prepares best for SAT. Saxon with the CD's and/or DIVE worked well. Just go slow with Saxon and don't do every problem. For as much as they liked TT, they felt that after all is said and done you need to supplement with "harder" math problems if your child will be taking the SAT.