Friday, August 8, 2014

Curriculum for a 10 Year Old

Teaching Textbooks Pre Algebra and Math in Everyday Life

We are going to use both of these resources this year for math because my ten year old is ready for the level of PreAlgebra, but I really don't want to set him up to be doing Algebra next year in what would be sixth grade according to his public school age. He really wants to do math on the computer so since several chapters of the PreAlgebra course are review of basic math he is going to do those this year and save the beginning Algebra chapters for next year. To round out math for the year he is going to work through Math  in Everyday Life which teaches how math is used in real life or family living.

Language Arts 
Core  Skills Writing level 5  (Not Common Core as far as I can tell despite the name)
Spelling Power 
An online Grammar course
     Chronicles of Narnia
      Roald Dahl stories
      others we choose
More Abravocabra

I need to search to find the grammar program again. I found it before, showed it to my son, and then when I went to start printing couldn't find it. Our World Book Dictionaries have vocabulary lists by grade level so I will see which words he knows and then he'll work on learning those with which he is not familiar. We'll also throw in unfamiliar words from literature and other subjects. I have found several menus of activities for practicing vocabulary words so we'll put that together with his lists.


Last year he worked through a course about the Periodic Table and Elements. He continues to be interested in the field of Chemistry so he is going to use a program which I found online from the Chemical Education Foundation. It's a mixture of text and lab work with lab reports so I think it will be good for him and he will have fun at the same time. It probably won't take the whole year so we'll have to see what he does next.

Story of the World 2
Kingfisher History Encyclopedia
Homeschool in the Woods History Through The Ages Project Passport Renaissance and Reformation 

We will begin with the Crusades and Vikings and move forward. The above are the main resources, but there will be a few other resources along the way.

Internet and Library resources

Geography will focus on individual continents. Learning about the physical features, surrounding oceans, countries, cultures, etc.

I am not sure what this will include yet, but I have several resources on hand.

Foreign Language
Latin For Children A 

We have worked through some of this before and have not made much progress. We'll try it again, but slow the pace down a bit. I really would like him to learn the vocabulary and grammar presented there.

The above will be the main subjects, but he will also use these resources.
Economics - What ever happened to Penny Candy 
Logic - Red Herring Mysteries
Art- Not sure yet

(I apologize for the lack of pictures. I am waiting to receive many of the listed items.)

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