Friday, August 8, 2014

Curriculum for 13 year old

This will be daughters 8th grade year. My plan is to use this year as a practice year for high school. I want to get an idea of how long she spends on different subjects, etc so I can plan an appropriate and realistic high school program for her.

Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1

Art of Argument

We actually started this last year, but set it aside after the first few chapters as there were other more pressing subjects to work on then.

I am not positive what we will do here, but I am considering slowly going through The Book Of Concord. This is a compilation of what we as Lutheran believe.

Latin Alive 1

Lyrical Life Science 2 and 3

Artistic Pursuits

Language Arts
Writing with Skill 2
Spelling Power
Big Bad Grammar Slammer
Vocabulary Word lists from the Word Book Dictionary
Literature will be a variety of novels and non fiction books
More Abracadabra


Story of the World 2
Homeschool in the Woods History Through the Ages Project Passport Renaissance and Reformation
Fearon's World History
Kingfisher History Encyclopedia

We will be looking at the Crusades, Vikings, Reformation, Renaissance and forward


Continent lapbooks
Wonder maps
Online and library resources

The above are her main curricula, but the following will also be used.
Economics - Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?

(I apologize for the lack of pictures, but I am waiting for a number of these items to arrive yet. Others are digital products which are harder to photograph. I guess I will blog about them throughout the year.)

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