Friday, September 10, 2010

Games My Family Enjoys

The other day my children asked if we could play several games, so since we really hadn't done it in a while I thought, Why Not? So, "What to play first?" I don't remember what we did play first that day, but that gave me an idea for a post. Listing some of our favorite games.

  • Made For Trade
The players shop in a colonial town and must have 4 objects and several coins to win the game. But, like any good game you face obstacles along the way, such as taxes or another player taking something you've purchased or simply not enough money to buy anything. It is a fun twist on shopping that introduces the player to items, occupations, and hazards of Colonial life.

  • Money Bags
Shake the die to see how far you move and how much of an allowance you can earn, then spin the spinner to see what denomination of coins you can't use to make up the amount you earn or even if it has to go to the Money Bag for the next lucky player who lands on a Money Bags space. (This is the pot). A fun way to learn coin values.

There are other games that we enjoy, but they will need to wait for another post. I want to get this up as I have been delinquent in doing so. I commented on another blog a week ago that I was going to write this post as well as sign up for the Million Minute Challenge. I did sign up for the Challenge, but just didn't get a post made. We have had a lot of things happening in our house and computer time has been less important.

I will post some of our other games at another time.

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  1. Neat! I'd not heard of either of those games. Personally, I am a card player and the Pyramath (sp?) looked really fun :) My kids (un)fortunately prefer board games... It's difficult for us to agree half the time on a game!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway :) And I follow you as well now :)
    Have a great day!