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Salem Ridge Press

Salem Ridge Press Review

Salem Ridge Press LLC
4263 Salem Drive
Emmaus, PA 18049

Also contact via email on their site.

Soft Cover books $10.95 - $12.95
Hard Cover Books $20.95 -$28.95

Some books are also available in bundles at savings over the individual titles.

They sell their books through several different retail outlets also with a complete listing of these retailers at their website.

Salem Ridge Press is a company dedicated to reprinting classic stories for a new generation of readers. Salem Ridge Press was started by a homeschool graduate, Daniel Mills, who firmly believes that history is an essential subject for all to learn and be familiar with. This belief also includes church history. He believes that all of history; both the church history and secular history is linked, and the church has influenced all of history. Daniel believes studying historical fiction will aid a person in grasping history and serve as a bridge to study history from more in depth classic works. He also also written a brief article describing some of the benefits of good books in many subject levels.

They have books available for the whole family from beginning readers to Adults. According their their website, the stories they are reprinting are from the 1800's and early 1900's. These stories are very non controversial, there isn't any PDA, although the characters do really care about each other. While war was a part of one story we reviewed, there was an absence of gore. They subtly teach character as well as history.

As these stories were written a long time ago, there is vocabulary that is no longer in common use today or words that have changed meanings. To assist the reader in these areas, brief definitions have been inserted at the bottom of the page where the word first appears.

The topics are also very diverse: Just for fun stories, American history, World history and Church history, Adventure and several Biographies. With all the choices available it could be hard to find what you are looking for but Daniel has categorized them in several ways; topic, time period, age and author. So if you are looking for a story to complement a specific historical period it is easy to see if Salem Ridge Press can help you out. If you have read one of their books and would like to find more of the same author, that search is very easy also. The tough part may just be staying with in your Book Budget!

See the complete listing of books here:

The company website is very appealing and easy to navigate. The first picture I saw when visiting their website is a roaring fire and a row of classic books. I just wanted to curl up in a comfortable chair with a blanket and a warm drink and read long into the night. The silhouettes in their logo also evoke feelings of days gone by. Main areas are listed in a sidebar and it is very clear where there are links within the text. It is a very clean, easy website to navigate and find just the right book.

How I Used The Books In My Homeschool

We read the stories that I was given for read alouds. My children listened to them and asked questions about them. They picked up on the references to Luther in Soldier Fritz due to our previous study of Luther and found it interesting to see how Luther's work made a difference in the lives of people at that time.

My son and daughter enjoyed Mary Ann-Her Visit for totally different reasons. My son liked the parts about visiting the farm and my daughter liked the story. However, I do not think this is a book she would have chosen to read on her own as the character is far younger (Mary Ann is 5), but the writing is more challenging than many young girls closer to the characters age could handle. It is definitely not an easy reader book. (Salem Ridge Press labels it for Younger Readers).

We also read American Twins of the Revolution. This was an engaging book, however there was a fair amount of dialect in the speech in the text. This was used by the servant and some people may find it not to their liking. Personally, I find this hard to read out loud properly and make it sound good.

All of this being said, I do have to admit that these are not among my favorite genre of books, but in the end that would not keep me from recommending Salem Ridge Press to others who may be looking for good quality materials like they produce.

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Disclaimer: I was given a print book and two ebook copies of publications to read for the purpose of this review. I have not received any other compensation in exchange for this review and all opinions expressed here are solely my own.

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