Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pyramath Review

Pyramath Card Game
by iseecards

Pyramath $6.95
Grades Kindergarten and Up

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There are various bundle sets of cards available.

What do playing cards and math facts have in common? Can learning math facts actually be fun? Is it possible to play a card game and learn at the same time?

The answer to all these questions and more is answered by a simple deck of 56 cards that goes by the name of PYRAMATH. Pyramath is simply a card game played by creating a pyramid shape of playing cards. However, to be able to play a card you must have a card that solves a math problem created by the two cards above it. You may use any of the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The challenge comes in having the right card at the right time. No two rounds of the game are the same as you start with a row of 5 or 7 cards and then each player builds from their side with the goal being to build your pyramid to a point of one card in front of you before your opponent finishes theirs.

The cards have large numerals facing both directions in the center and the name of the number in English, Spanish, Chinese, Roman, and Arabic as a border. A gentle, subtle introduction to numbers around the world.

How I Used Pyramath

We always kept the Pyramath deck handy and often played a round for a break in between other subjects to just clear the mind. My 6 and 9 year olds often played together; the 6 year old using addition and subtraction, the 9 year old using all the operations. I would also help the younger one if he needed it to play a particular card.

My kids loved the game and want to play it frequently. Their one suggestion is to add a "Wild Card" that could be used in place of any number.

Warning: Pyramath is highly addictive! Play only when you have a lot of time.

I feel a purchase of Fractaxmic and Primebomb will probably occur.

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Disclaimer: I received a set of Pyramath cards to use in doing this review. I have not been compensated in any other way. All opinions included above are solely my own.

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