Sunday, November 14, 2010

Coin Pouch Kit by Corps of ReDiscovery New TOS Review

Coin Pouch Kit
Corps of Rediscovery

www.Corps Of

5329 N Lakewood Drive
Springfield, MO 65803
417 833 6905

Prices range from $3.99 for an individual kit to $72 for a set of several related kits.
The Coin Pouch kit is currently on sale for $4.99.

One of the things many homeschoolers do which set them apart from traditional schools is lots of hands on projects. While this is fun and a change from book work for the students and Mom(or Dad) it can often challenge Mom too. Not only does she have to find a project which goes with the study, but then she also has to assemble all the supplies. I have to admit it, while my children love hands on projects I often don't feel like assembling all the supplies. So we often don't do as many things as they would like. Another frequent challenge is finding a project that appeals to boys and isn't too girly. Cost can also be a big factor in doing some projects.

A solution to this dilemma is Corps of Rediscovery, a business owned and operated by a homeschooling family. Their specialty is American History books and craft kits. They state all their craft kits are made in the USA. They have resources for studying Indians, Frontiersmen, Pioneers and Colonial time periods as well as leather working supplies. Lewis and Clark resources can also be found at Corps of ReDiscovery. The products include practical items from these periods as well as recreational items. They offer package sets of several different crafts for the same theme period as well as the crafts kits individually. If you want to experience several items from the same time period it is possible to save money by purchasing the set. Maybe you can even be lucky enough to have each child would choose a different project in the set!

Corps of ReDiscovery is a great solution to the problem of hands on activities for early American History.

When you visit their website make sure to sign up for their newsletter. I received the current issue within minutes of signing up and it even included a notice of special sale prices with the coupon code included in the newsletter.

How I Used A Corps of ReDiscovery Product

I received a Coin Pouch kit to try out. The kit included everything we needed except a pair of scissors. There was a front and back piece of leather with pre punched holes and preset snap, lacing, and easy to understand instructions. The leather is thick and sturdy.

I was very impressed with the kit. The holes were very cleanly cut and matched up perfectly and easily. I didn't have to jiggle the pieces around to get the holes to match up. The amount of lacing was also very generous, we had plenty left over.

While my daughter wanted to do this as it was a sewing project, I decided to let my 6 year old son put it together. He loved it! After helping him get the first several stitches in so that the pieces didn't slide around he was able to lace the project together. The only help he needed was to make sure the lacing didn't get twisted and he didn't pull it too tightly. As the ends of the lacing are squared, I nipped the "sewing" end into a point to make it easier for him to work with. This made lacing so much easier. Overall, he was able to complete the kit in about 45 minutes. Then I finished it by inserting the end of the lacing into previous stitches as the directions stated.

I loved having all the materials together in one kit for him to do
this. It sure simplified the process of a craft for him. This coin
pouch kit is masculine, but would also be appropriate for girls. I anticipate this coin pouch will stand up to a lot of use. If other products offered by Corps of ReDiscovery are of the same quality I would highly recommend their product line as a fun complement to studies of Early American History.

The Finished Product

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary coin pouch kit to put together to use to write this review. I have not been compensated in any other way for this review. All opinions expressed in this piece are strictly my own.


  1. That looks awesome! We might have to get some more of these kits too. I am in your boat - I don't really like to assemble all the pieces. And if the kit is cheap it makes up for the labor of hunting down the products.

  2. Oh yes, the others I received are very nice quality! Your dd may enjoy the doll quilt if she can do some sewing, or the leather pouch or the corn husk doll (which will require assistance). Nice review-