Friday, November 19, 2010

KBTeacher New TOS Review


Premium Memberships: $29 for a year with a month free trial
$49 for two years

There are many free worksheets available, but premium membership grants access to more features, watermark free pages, and answer keys.

KBTeachers is an online worksheet and activity resource. They have worksheets and activities for Math, English, Science, Social Studies, arts and crafts, and clip art images. Their material is very substantive, yet fun. There is not a lot of fluff here.

The features we liked were the Webquests and pictures which can be used for numerous purposes. The Webquests are short explorations on fun topics and feature 3-5 website links to explore and several questions to answer based on the information found on the websites visited. There are quests for many days of the month based on holidays or an event from that day in history. There are also biographical webquests. Not only do the questions ask for basic recall of material, many of the concluding questions encourage the student to do something concrete.For example, the Veteran's Day quest asked the student what they would do to honor veterans. My daughter decided she would call her grandfather. This resulted in a nice conversation where she learned some things about him and other family members she might not have learned otherwise. Basically, these questions employ some skills found in higher level thinking.However, some of the links are out of date. I was able to find some sites with information the quest includes by doing a web search, but I was not always successful. Also, clicking some of the webquest topics takes you to an ad for the site, not the quest.

I also like the seasonal letter square files. I have printed several sheets of the complete fall alphabet letters, cut them out, and covered with clear plastic to use for hands on spelling practice. I have not decided if I will do the same for the letters for the other seasons.

I have also printed several pages of pictures that we have/ will use to make stickers with my sticker machine. For Veterans Day they had a nice sheet of patriotic pics of variously shaped flag designs. The Thanksgiving turkeys are also adorable. I am thinking of printing some for place cards for thanksgiving dinner.

They keep the website content fresh and new, posting new resources for different seasons and holidays. However, in order to do this older materials are taken off the site. We didn't take the opportunity to explore all of the webquests we would have liked to in October and are now unable to as they have been removed.

The clip art images on the site are unique, the site says they are not licensed from other clip art sites. They are many different images to choose from and are available in black in white and color. These are free to Premium members with permission given to use in various ways, including blogs and non commercial websites (this information from the KBTeachers website). There are examples shown, but it is not clear to me if these examples are free to all site visitors or just samples of what is available to members. Someone more computer savvy than I maybe able to use these pictures even if they are not intended as such.

We don't seem to be doing as much paper and pencil work lately so I have not printed a lot of the worksheets, but they look exciting and attention grabbing. Many were also too easy for my children. I have used the math worksheet generators to make practice sheets for facts which are different from my drill resources. Instead of printing them I have I just had my children do them orally from the screen.

There is an abundance of History and Science resources, many with grade level labels for upper elementary and above. However, I question the accuracy of some of those levels as my 9 year old was able to complete them without mistakes. I also found this leveling issues with the Grammar activities.

I also found the titling of topics to be confusing. The worksheet generator for multiplication is called 'Multiplication Makers' and for division 'division practice' and similar differences for addition and subtraction. I understand wanting to be different and avoid repetition, but it was confusing at first. The terms 'workbook' and 'worksheet' seem to be used in a similar manner for the Social Studies and Science categories.

They also welcome feedback from their users and provide a form for that purpose. I had one occasion to ask for a specific type of material. While they didn't have what I was looking for, they responded to my inquiry in a matter of minutes with suggestions of items to look at and said they would look into developing what I was looking for.

I think this would be a good resource for a family with children of varying ages as there is no limit to how many worksheets can be generated or printed and it could eliminate purchasing several different books. The science and social studies could be used with library books on the aame topics. I have enjoyed KBTeachers so far and it is a site that I will make use of for my children.

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Disclaimer: I have received a free subscription to this site for the purpose of reviewing it and sharing my opinion about its product. I have not received any other compensation for it and all opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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