Monday, December 6, 2010

Holidays 2010 Mannheim Steamroller

Several of the other blog writers whom I follow have been doing Holiday themed posts for the last several days and I have really enjoyed reading them. I have been thinking about what I could write on the topic, especially since I feel so behind in the holiday department already.

As I sit working on my computer I have a Mannheim Steamroller CD playing, not quite in the background, but loud enough for my children to listen too as they fall asleep. My son, especially requests this music. Last Wednesday he told me that since it was December, I HAD to get out all the Mannheim Steamroller music I own and start playing it when they go to bed. He said it was our tradition. I guess it is a tradition as I remember doing it sporadically the last two years.

I have enjoyed MS for a number of years, I have several of their cassette tapes to prove how long it has been and probably couldn't get through December without playing it sometime, but I have a feeling my son is an even bigger fan than I am. There is a local radio station who was giving away tickets to Mannheim Steamroller's upcoming concert and when I heard about it I said I would even be willing to pay for a childsitter if I won them. He replied that it wouldn't cost too much because his sister was a big girl and didn't need much taking care of. I asked what about him and he told me he would be going along with me as he really really liked Mannheim. I guess he really does like them.

I guess Mannheim is a fixture in our household for December. Not a bad tradition, either.


  1. WE also enjoy Mannheim Steamroller.

  2. Cool group~we love 'em too! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. We love them too. My youngest daughter loves to dance to some of their bouncier music.