Friday, December 3, 2010

I am still hanging around the Blogosphere

I realized yesterday I have totally neglected my poor little blog. Then when I signed in tonight I saw how thoroughly neglected it is, I haven't had a post since the 19th. To my readers I am sorry I have left you hanging. There have just been so many things going on, blogging has taken a back seat.

We have taken an unplanned 2 week break from school and now need to get back in some kind of groove. This will be a challenge for all of us. The most schooly type thing we've accomplished is daughter has been practicing for her Piano recital which is tomorrow (Saturday Dec 4).

I also can't believe we are almost a whole week through Advent. I'll have to see how we can jump in with special activities at this point.

So my challenge for the next couple days will be to pull together some meaningful, productive activities which won't be meet with a lot of resistance. I guess there are always projects to finish and library books to read.

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