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Fractazmic TOS Review

"The most fun you'll ever have learning fractions!" 
(from iseecards website)

Fractazmic is a deck of cards designed to teach and reinforce equivalent fractions and addition of fractions to make a whole. It practices tenths, twelfths, and sixteenths. Each of these fraction groups has its own suit of cards and its own color. Each card features a fraction, from the same family, but with different numerators and denominators. The goal of the game is to collect enough cards of the same suit to make a whole of the pictured item. To make that whole, players pick up and discard cards and then must convert some of the fractions so that they all have a common denominator and finally adding them together to see how close they have come to making a whole.

In addition to the fraction the card face also features a picture to illustrate the fraction. One suit has a water bottle with varying amounts of water, another has an egg cartoon with eggs, and the third has grasshoppers being measured.  These pictures also subtlety teach how fractions are used in real life. Players also learn length, liquid measurement, and making a dozen.

Directions for play are included with the cards.

iseecards also has card games available for practicing basic math operations, prime numbers and basic math and language. Click here to learn more. Each variety is reasonably priced at $6.95.

Fractazmic cards are labelled with an age range of grades 1-8, fun for all ages.

Our Experience

Both my 7 year old and 10 year old enjoyed playing Fractazmic.They wanted to play quite frequently and then multiple games at a time. My 7 year old did have difficulty with playing, he has not had experience with adding fractions of different denominators. So that he could be included in play I helped him add up the fractions and we wrote things down as we were playing. After several games he was able to do some computation of the tenths on his own. He said, " This was a hard game, but a lot of fun."

Fractazmic was great practice for my 10 year old. Because she has learned how to add fractions with unlike denominators Fractazmic is great reinforcement for her.I didn't let her use paper and pencil for the addition, but I did let her right down her totals towards a whole for each suit. She also requested to play it quite frequently.

As my 7 year old has not had this fraction experience we needed a mini fraction lesson first and plenty of reminders throughout the game. Because of this the playing time for each game was quite long. Because of this we were not able to take the cards out of the box and start playing Fractazmic, it really did require some preparation.

We found the directions as written challenging to understand and play at first, but we did figure it out in time. While trying to find our way we played several different ways of our own. We came up with an Old Maid/Go Fish game as well as the game in the directions.

I like games with teach or reinforce educational concepts.They are a great tool to help with mastery, yet make it fun and offer a change of pace from drill or worksheets.Not only do players practice fraction addition with fractazmic, it also offers the opportunity to reinforce fraction terminology such as numerator and denominator. Learning fractions is indeed fun with Fractazmic.

Last year as part of the TOS crew I also had the privilege of reviewing the Pyramath cards. We continue to play and enjoy that game as well.

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Disclaimer: I received a free deck of Fractazmic cards in order to write this review.I have not been compensated in any other manner and all opinions expressed here are solely my own.

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