Thursday, July 5, 2012

Home Made Air Show

Yesterday, the 4th of July, my son heard about an air show occurring in our area later in the day. 
He really wanted to go, but due to the extreme heat, (over 100 degrees) that just wasn't a safe activity.

So he disappeared into his room. I figured he went there to sulk. No, he was being productive. 
I found out later he was making his own paper airplanes. 
Not only did he fold them, but he also colored two of them. 

Then standing at the end of the hallway which goes into our living room and dining room, he flew his plans. One after the other. 

He created his own air show.

Since, the sign is not legible, it says Happy Fourth of July. He had it attached to the tail of one of the planes, like you often see banners on a plane.

Just for the record, the days high temperature was 105. The seventh day in a row over 100 degrees.

I think I like our own personal air show better.

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