Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why Is A Super Membership Super?

 You may already be familiar with In the Hands Of A Child, a company which produces lapbook curriculum sets and notebooking pages.  But did you know they offer a special Membership program called Super Membership?

A Super Membership is a paid subscription type service in which a user receives 2 complete lapbook curricula in ebook format each month. These two lapbooks feature the same topic or general theme, but for different grade levels. Usually there is one for early elementary and another for upper elementary or junior high ages. They are available for download the middle of each month in a special members only section of the website where they remain available for two months from the time they were posted when they are replaced by new ones. After they are removed from the Super Member area, these lapbooks will be available for purchase sometime in the future. So Super Members essentially get a sneak peak at new project packs.

Another perk of a Super Membership are the Unit Extenders, which are also ebook format available for download. These are collections are additional activities which correlate with other lapbook which Hands of a Child has previously published.

What Do I Love about the Super Membership?

  • Knowing I have at least one complete study each month that requires very little prep work on my part. Even though the mini books need to be cut, that is a much simpler task than preparing my own study.
  • Having lapbooks written on two levels which cover a similar enough topic than I could use both of them at the same time with my children. I could check out books on the same topic at the library, have discussions, and do other activities relating to the topic and not have to do two separate topics for a subject.
  • Access to additional exciting ideas for other project packs from Hands of a Child. If my children want to know more about a topic after we have finished a lapbook set I may be able to find additional resources on the topic with just a couple clicks. The tone and layout of the Unit Extenders is very similar to the original unit so they are easy to transition into. 
  • The unit extenders also provide substitute ideas if I am trying to tweak an upper level project pack for my youngest. Age wise he falls at the top of the cutoff for the early elementary units, so sometimes unit extender ideas work to swap out a challenging concept of a higher level project pack for an easier one. 
  • Unit extenders are also a great resource for simple "Mom, I want to know more about..." activities. Many of the activities in the unit extenders are active, not paper and pencil activities. Thus unit extender ideas are perfect for doing something different and hopefully fun. There are also a number of web links included which are a wonderful resource for integrating technology into your curriculum.
  • The economic value of a Super Membership can't be beat. While the initial cost is more than the equivalent cost of one or two lapbooks,  after several months you will have received lapbook packs which have a value of more than what you paid.
 Most homeschool moms know the term 'curriculum junkie' refers to someone who loves to look at and often purchase new curriculum. While I don't deny I am one of them, I think I am also a 'lapbook junkie' as I can't wait to see,explore, and then guide my children through the new lapbooks each month from my Super Membership.

Disclaimer: I currently have a Super Membership at HOAC which I personally purchased. All opinions expressed in this piece are solely my own.  I have not been monetarily compensated for this piece, but maybe compensated with product.

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