Friday, January 14, 2011

Back to Routine

 We have completed two weeks of school after a break for Christmas and New Years.  Surprisingly there was very little resistance about getting back into the routine.  For this I am thankful, I don't like having to cajole my children to accomplish assignments or chores.

So what have we done ?

Started a new science unit.  This is Matter and Chemistry.  Both Daughter and Son are very interested in science and can't wait to do anything remotely scientific.   Most of our time has been discussing matter, but we just peeked at the Periodic table the other day and talked about what it contains, (no son, not food at various times!) and how it is arranged.  We are going to go into more detail and learn about the elements and try some experiments.  I even found a cool website that has experiments for each of the elements.  Try The Periodic Table of Videos .  Some of the videos are slow though.

Went to Cici's Pizza for a tour.  For those of you who may not be familiar with Cici's, it is a pizza buffet restaurant.  The tour was great and each of the kids made their own individual pizza.

Visited the library for their monthly homeschoolers class.  This month the topic was Ancient Egypt.  The kids had the opportunity to build a paper pyramid, play a game, and decipher hieroglyphics. Another Mom commented they were the first "texters" as sometimes vowels were left out in their words.  Also got some books while we were there.  Can homeschoolers go to the library without checking out at least one book?

Read the book  The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses  illustrated by Paul Goble as we continue studying some Caldecott winners.  The kids also made pictures of a horse and sun similar to some of his illustrations.

We also continue to plug away with the basics like Math, and Spelling and Theology.  We toss in some penmanship too and hopefully get it done without to much fussing.  Daughter is also learning about the art of writing with a writing course that we are using as a review product for the TOS Crew. 

Daughter started back up with piano lessons.

Additionally, they also had some play in the snow time one day this week while I needed to shovel. They had fun, not sure if I did.  We generally don't take snow days when the local schools do, but take other days when we need to.  Don't tell my kids when there are snow days!

So actually our return to routine hasn't been bad at all.  I hope it continues that way.

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