Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day !

Today my kids actually got a snow day.  Maybe the first one they have ever had.  Between the snow and Daddy staying home and Grandma and Grandpa visiting for a couple days, I decided we  needed a break.

Over night we got snow - about 9 inches of the cold white stuff.  We aren't in the south, but far enough south that more than an inch or two shuts things down. Even the library system closed for the day.  So just imagine how this has slowed things to a crawl.

I think this is the most snow my 6 year old has seen at one time. 

They have enjoyed time in the snow, there is enough to attempt to do something with, although their attempt at tunnels haven't worked.  Guess the snow just isn't deep enough yet.

We also attempted to make snow candy, but just like the tunnels, that didn't work either.  Tried several recipes without success.  I guess I will have to do some research ahead of time and have directions handy in case we get another snow day.  I hope we don't have another snow like this for a while, I just can't get as excited about it as the kids do.

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