Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day

Today is Groundhog Day and while I don't put much stock in what he sees its still a fun look ahead to spring.  I will readily admit I am tired of winter.  All the cold and snow has been too much.  I don't even remember how many times we've had a storm this winter.  I do know that our first snow was on Thanksgiving.  I think we have pretty much had some snow every week since then.  I want Spring!

With winter come school closings. While I don't think my children know which school district we live in, they do know that when the closings scroll constantly it means every school in the area is closed.  So they think we should be closed as well.  When Dad is home they feel even stronger about that. How challenging it has been to get anything remotely related to learning accomplished. 

I just have to remind them (and myself) that when spring finally comes none of us will really want to be doing our math or grammar or history.  Instead they will want to be outside in the backyard or at the park.  By working  now we can take some time on those first nice days and be outside.  We can also officially end our year a little earlier too.  (We keep working on some things all year, but are more relaxed).

So regardless of what Puxatauney Phil determined today I'm  going to keeping looking for the end of the cold and snowy yuck of winter and looking forward to SPRING!

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  1. I agree. I would enjoy having spring too. My kids are young enough that when the public schools close they don't realize it unless I tell them. So they are excited to do school. I too have a challenge when Dad is home, but I have been involving him with school to. We are going to have a fun day of school with Dad tomorrow, since it is President's Day and the kids can't wait.
    I am from the TOS Crew and am now following you. Please follow me and if you already are thank you! Have a wonderful week. :) Rani