Monday, February 28, 2011


The last few weeks my children have been on a Veggie Tales kick.  They have been watching Veggie Tales movies every chance they get. I don't mind it, in fact I think many of the episodes and songs are cute.  I even have a few of my own favorite songs. Like The Song of the Cebu or His Cheeseburger.  There is just something so catchy about the tunes it is hard to forget them and when they are played frequently...

But now I have Veggies in my house and not just in the crisper drawer.  We had used several balloons for a science experiment and the balloons survived intact, so the kiddos blew them up and played with them. Then, just before bed my 6 year old decided the red balloon was Bob and the yellow was Larry. 

Yellow? Larry?  Yes, it is kind of a long balloon and cucumbers are yellow before they turn green.

Ok, I will allow that reasoning.  I'm just wondering what the pink one will become tomorrow!  Just the thought of that is kind of scary.

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  1. if your kiddos love Veggie Tales you should have them look into What's in the Bible? DVD's. Its from the original makers of Veggie Tales and each DVD tells the about each book of the Bible.. We love the new series.. Stopped by from the TOS blog walk.. :)