Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh! Visitors are Coming

Sometimes when I get the news visitors are coming  I momentarily panic because I have to clean up my house.  While there are usually places to sit, it is not always easy to navigate around the piles of books on my floor.  You see when it is meal time, everything that had been on the table during the day gets put in a pile and deposited on the floor. Then the next day the pile is put back on the table and it starts over again.  Weekends the piles usually go away, but the weeks are much longer.

So tonight I opened my blog and found the lovely surprise that I'm being featured on the TOS Crew Blog Walk this week.  I breathed a sigh of relief  that I just needed to write a Hello and Check out all the other cool blogs post, not try to keep my house clean all week. I don't know if I could do that. (I'm not a total slob when it comes to housekeeping, I just get behind sometimes). What a relief, but welcome and look around. I am still very much trying to figure out what is good to write about here.

Other blogs that are featured this week include:

1. Our Best Daze
2. The Joy of School
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4. to the sea with me
5. Half Dozen Mama
6. Creative Learning
7. Homeschooling My Miracles
8. Beyond The Silver and The Gold - A Filipino Family's Homeschool Journey
9. My Own Sense and Sensibility
10. Happily Homeschooling
I am sure you will find great Blogs here, all of these women and men are great homeschooling parents.  Enjoy.


  1. Just visiting from the TOS blog walk this week. Enjoyed reading through your blog and I can definitely relate to the school mess but you know, I've come to love it. I love having my kids working at the table together(it's not often). Typically we only have one or two at the table at a time.

  2. Just stopping by from the Blog walk. Your piles sound like mine. I move the books from table to table to counter depending on where we are sitting for a particular activity and what we need. It creates quite a mess but as Marie said I have come to love it, or atleast not hate it. And oh, I am a new follower!