Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week in Review Snowy with not much accomplished

The big news around here last week was the weather. Monday started out with freezing rain, it turned to sleet and then snow.  Over the course of 3 long days! 

Even with being cooped up most of the week we didn't get a whole lot accomplished.  Monday morning we took a field trip to the History Museum for the homeschool day.  The topic was flight and Charles Lindbergh.  We listened to one of the curators talk about Lindberghs life and flight and some of the items in their collection which were gifts given to Lindbergh. We also had the opportunity to hear a one person theater presentation about flight during Word War I.  This was great, the theater presentations are always so riveting and the listener feels like they were truly there.  We were also supposed to learn how to fold several styles of paper airplanes, but they kicked us out of the museum. The weather was getting so bad, that they were closing early. The first time they had been closed in many years due to weather.

Then the rest of the week we worked on some things at home. Didn't get much done as Dad was home, his office was closed because of the weather.  The kids think that whenever Dad is home they get vacation.  Occasionally that isn't bad, but when we loose three days, there is a lot that doesn't get done.  Just have to work extra hard this week to catch up.

Every day this week has snow on the forecast, but hopefully it won't be as bad as last week, so we will still be able to accomplish what we need to.

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