Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dancing in the Rain

Today my 7 year old son danced in the rain.  
Late this afternoon we had several pop up showers and during one of them he decided to go outside. 
It has been excruciatingly hot here so he hasn't been out much, but when it started to rain he decided he just had to go out. 

I stood in front of a window and watched him twirl around and hop up and down in the shower. 
What abandon he displayed, not caring if his clothes got wet, just happy to be out there.
  How great it was to just watch him having fun. 
Doing something so safe, yet unusual. 
Playing in the rain.

I hope he files those briefs moments in his mind to recall later.  
I know I will.
(Unfortunately, the rain only brought the temperature down a little, but caused the humidity to skyrocket, so they didn't bring much comfort or relief.)

1 comment:

  1. Oh! I want to dance in the rain! Such a great memory you have!