Tuesday, July 19, 2011

N is for Notebooking

ABCs of Homeschooling

This past academic year I tried to focus more on writing; both the physical act as well as the process of putting thoughts down in a coherent manner. Neither one of my children really enjoyed this, my oldest has never liked to write.  One way I tried to sneak in some writing practice was via notebooking.

Notebooking can be as simple or elaborate as the author (or teacher) wants.  From just several sentences to multiple paragraphs.  It can be used to summarize a passage that was read or listened to or the author can write from their brain.  My son uses this term to describe thoughts he has come up with on his own. It can be done on notebook paper or specially designed paper.  Specially designed paper might have some type of a title or a persons name, a subject, or just simply a fancy border.  One think we did a couple times was to print the border designed pages on colored paper. It is possible to find free designed pages online as well as sites which have minimally priced subscriptions which give access to hundreds of topics and styles. After the author finishes a page it can be hole punched and put into a notebook for safe keeping and review. 

We have used notebooking to save information while studying the individual states, music composers, artists, and other famous people.  Lined paper with fancy borders is also a favorite for my young writers.  While special paper hasn't been the magic cure to make writing loved, it has at least made it a little more bearable.

I didn't finish this in time to link up for "N" week at 5 kids and a dog, but still wanted to post it so that I wasn't missing another letter in my Homeschooling alphabet.

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