Tuesday, July 26, 2011

P is for Palette and Painting

ABCs of Homeschooling

P was a challenging letter for which to find an original topic.  I had had several ideas, but when I looked at the link up I learned they had been written about so I decided to keep thinking.  Going through the P section of my spelling dictionary I ran across palette and decided that was my topic for this week. Since it is hard to just write about a palette  I figured I would add another P, painting.

The last couple years my daughter has had the opportunity to participate in a painting class taught/led by a former homeschool mom.  The instructor chooses a Scripturally based theme for the 7 week long session and has the students complete at least one painting based on the theme. The last sessions theme was "Messiah" in preparation for Christmas.

Each students experience begins with a lesson focused on color and color theory.  During this lesson the student fills in a color wheel chart.  Additionally, there are other aspects of painting and drawing art which she teaches the students during each session.  My daughter has thus been exposed to several different aspects of composition.

Also during the session the teacher has organized a field trip for the student and family.  For the session when these pictures were done the trip was to the fabric store to purchase the fabric they painted on.  Other field trips we enjoyed were to a nursery to study lilies and the art museum.

During her classes she used a palette for her paint.  Ooh, there's another P word!

At the end of each session the students work is displayed during an Open House.  During this time the students have the opportunity to explain their work to other parents and friends as well as see their classmates finished art work as well. 

I am grateful  my daughter has had the opportunity to participate in the class as she has definite talent which needs to be encouraged and nurtured.  I can help her grow in more "crafty" art directions, but lack in the area of painting and drawing.  So as with music lessons, I am grateful for the opportunity to outsource this aspect of my daughters' art education to a wonderful teacher who truly cares about each of her students. 

The pictures I have included are 2 of the 3 pieces my daughter created in the last class.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful class! Where we used to live, we were in a co op class like that. Unfortunately, we don't have anything like where we live now.

  2. I love your daughter's work! My daughter has been attending an art camp this summer, and loves it. It's been a relief to find an outlet for her, since art isn't a strong area for me.

  3. What a great opportunity for your daughter! My 17yo had a chance to take a painting class in 6th grade and it started her into painting becoming a passion! She paints using acrylics and oils, and loves it. She has even sold a few paintings. Your daughter has some talent!