Friday, July 1, 2011

L is for Latin

Yes, we are learning Latin.  

Please don't get the idea that including Latin in the curriculum is the only valid reason to homeschool.  I felt the addition of this subject was the right thing to do for my children.  As with many other homeschool related topics every parent needs to make the decisions which are right for their family.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way,

Why are we spending time on Latin?

When we started our Latin adventure two years ago I felt my daughter needed a curricular challenge.

So much of our English Language comes from Latin that I feel it is beneficial to know the original language.

A requirement for public school children is to learn Latin and Greek word roots.  I don't follow many of the public school guidelines as to what should be taught when, but teach things in a logical manner or when my children are interested in something.  In this case I believe it will be more useful to know the language and its mechanics rather than just some random English words that come from Latin.  (Yes, both my children are also interested in learning Greek).

By learning Latin, they have something unique to discuss with their Dad.  Ditto for Greek, when we get there.

Latin is the 'Mother Tongue'  for other languages.  Once Latin is learned and understood other languages become familiar also.

An additional reason for choosing Latin is that it has a definite structure and form, there are more norms and fewer exemptions.

Learning Latin has not been a smooth ride for us so far.  We started with one program that was okay, we learned things from it so it wasn't a total failure or waste of time.  But there were drawbacks to it also.  I really wanted my children (and I) to learn it so we plodded along.  Then as a part of the TOS Crew this last academic year we were fortunate enough to receive another Latin program to review.  This program has a different approach and seems to be a better fit for us.  So we are back to enjoying the pursuit of Latin.  

I do have to admit sometimes Latin gets pushed off to another day and then week as other things come up or need more attention, but I do miss it when we don't get to it.

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