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Amazing Science TOS Review


Amazing Science Vol 1

Inside the case you will discover 2 DVD'S packed with 23 science experiments explained and demonstrated.

Topics covered include:
Surface Tension
At the very beginning of each experiment all the equipment is shown and viewers are given guidelines and tips for what type of supplies are required. For example, sometimes paper cups are used and other times glass are used. If there is a possibility there might be a question as to what is needed it is clarified. A list of supplies is also put up on the screen briefly at the beginning of the segment.

The experiments use basic equipment that can be easily found around home, although I know I would need to make some purchases such as a copper pipe or lemons.
In each segment the experiment is fully described, demonstrated and the science principles explained. At the beginning of the segment the viewer is given a brief description of what scientific principle will be demonstrated,the experiment is described and then it is actually demonstrated. Each step of the process is narrated while the process is being shown, so that the viewer can see what should be happening. The segment is recapped with a more in depth discussion of the scientific principle just demonstrated.

The host of Amazing Science is Jason Gibson, an engineer and physicist.

Amazing Science volume 1 sells for $19.95


This picture shows the end result of one of the simple experiments you will find in the Amazing Science DVD's.

Also available from are Physics and Chemistry courses, as well as Math courses in Basic Math, Algebra, Trigonometry/Geometry, and Calculus. These are all on DVD and available separately or in bundle packages.

My Thoughts

Amazing is definitely the proper adjective for this collection of  science demonstrations!

My children are usually thrilled and delighted by anything having to do with science. They begged to watch these over and over again. They love them and can't get enough. I think it would be safe to say these are among their favorite DVD's to watch.

This is an amazing collection of great science experiments! I like the fact that Jason explains the why behind how something works or occurs. This makes abstract science concepts concrete. It brings science alive for anyone, not just children. These videos tie science and daily life together in an easy to understand way without being simplistic.

As the necessary equipment is fairly common, most of it is safe and because of that children are capable of completing many of the experiments on their own with just supervision. When an experiment does use materials which can be dangerous Jason is very careful to remind viewers of that fact several times. He also emphasis the need for adult help at those times. He also tells viewers it is important to wear safety goggles and wears them himself when demonstrating the experiments.

Another positive I like is that the surroundings are so neutral and fairly uncluttered. The viewer can focus on the project and process while not being distracted by the TV environment.

A huge plus for me is this is a purely scientific presentation; there are no references to creation or evolution. This no pushing of a specific agenda.

After seeing this very well done DVD I would not hesitate to investigate further other products offered by  .

We were able to complete the Color Changing Milk activity with common household supplies. Although the video suggested whole milk we used 2% and it worked just fine. My children wanted to do it several times and the only "problem" we encountered was that the plate evidently wasn't dry enough after the first time and thus the milk didn't spread out well in the plate.

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Disclaimer: I received a gratis copy of the above reviewed DVD to enable me to write this review. I have not been compensated in any other manner and all opinions are solely my own.

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