Saturday, April 21, 2012

April Birthday

Last month was Daughters' birthday, now in April is Sons' birthday. I am late in writing about his day and getting a picture of his cake posted, but I decided I better get it done. His birthday was last Sunday, April 15th.

On his birthday we went out for pizza. He had the opportunity to see all his grandparents via the computer and enjoyed several phone calls.

Since his birthday fell on Sunday I let him have Monday off from school. He spent the day working on different projects and just generally relaxing. I think he enjoyed this day just as much as his birthday.

 This is his birthday cake. He had had a difficult time deciding what kind of cake he wanted and then I was looking through my cake books. I found a round cake that was decorated as a donut. He likes donuts and asks us to buy him a donut all the time. It doesn't matter if we are in the store or just passing a place which has donuts, he wants one. So this was the perfect cake.

I made it in my angel food cake pan so I would get the hole in the center and just left it upside down so I would get the rounded top. Then covered it with a chocolate glaze and sprinkles. Something else he enjoys.


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  2. What a cute idea! My oldest daughter would love this. I might have to "steal" this for her birthday. ;0)

    Stopping by from the TOS Crew. I'm following your blog now, which I thought I was doing already but GFC said I wasn't. ???