Thursday, August 18, 2011

S is for Stickers

How do we use stickers?

  • Completed work
  • In lapbooks
  • On lapbook covers as titles
  • Individual mini books about specific topics
  • Letters
  • Illustrate diagrams and pictures
  • Illustrate stories
  • To fill in various types of charts  
  • On place cards and other decorations
  • Making cards (Mom especially uses them this way)

My children also have large photo albums, with lift off pages, that they use to house their sticker collections. These stickers range from the mundane ones such as those given at the grocery store check out to the cherished stickers from relatives.  In between this extreme you will find stickers from their favorite stuffed toy making retailer and stickers on a favorite theme.

When my children were younger I might also give them a sheet of stickers and blank paper and tell them to put the stickers on the paper.  Some how this activity has lost its charm as my children have grown older.   We also used to have sticker behavior charts, but haven't done so in the last few years. 

I don't count them as stickers as such, but let it be noted I could not homeschool and maybe not even run a household without Post It notes and all of the other ingenious scraps of paper with stickiness on the back produced by 3M!

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  1. My kids don't go for stickers, but Post-It notes are another story! We use them for bookmarks, grocery lists, and to do lists. My son also leaves little notes around for me to find, on post-it's. :)

  2. Thanks for visiting and joining the hop. Stickers on furniture, stickers in hair, stickers on the floor. I prefer post-it type notes, too, after prying up one too many stickers. Though they make great accents on scrapbook pages and cards.

  3. Never would have thought of that, but this is a good word. Visiting from the crew.