Thursday, August 25, 2011

T is for Table

I know this may not sound very homeschoolish, but my item for T is our dining table.  Most of our educational time is spent at the table.  That's where art projects are done, science experiments conducted, games are played, and things are written.  Of all school related tasks; reading, computer use and field trips are about the only things not done at the table.  Without the table the task of home educating would be a lot harder.

We try to eat our evening meals together as a family at the same table.  This is not related to homeschooling, but general family life. So many "experts" on families and children encourage eating together to allow families to become closer to each other.  Maybe due to my children's ages and the layout of our home we have just never struggled with sharing meals together as so many families do. Maybe some of it is also a different mindset which so many homeschooling families have.

I will admit that using the same horizontal space for so many activities can be challenging. There are many days when I would just love to leave the school books and projects out on the table in the evening so I can finish what I need to do or over night if we aren't quite done.  But in the larger scheme of life it is nice we have a table which we can gather around together.

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