Monday, May 2, 2011

Birthday Time

Last Friday (April 15)we had the joy of celebrating another birthday.  This time it was my son. He turned seven. It is hard to believe my baby is 7 already.

His birthday cake this year was a Castle.

 May 2

What you just read above was the start of my post about my sons birthday celebration.   I was waiting to finish it until I had downloaded the pictures and could post one of his cake.  I just downloaded the pic on Saturday.  I am so behind.

So here is a pic of his cake:

So he now has had his long awaited Castle cake.  When his sister was 7 I made her a fairy princess cake and he wanted the knights cake the next month for his birthday.  Since the princess castle cake was not easy and I was not looking forward to doing another complicated  so soon.  I told him when he was 7 I would make him a knight castle cake.  Now that he was turning seven  he got his castle cake.

While I enjoyed making both of the different castles, they were time consuming and I don't have any plans to make any more castle cakes.

Now I am finally posting about his birthday cake.  Even though it is late.


  1. Hi Martha,
    Thanks for visiting my HSMJ post and commenting! I love this castle cake and it does look like it was made with love and care and lots of fantastic details! Awesome!

  2. PS: I'm now following you on GFC! :)