Tuesday, May 24, 2011

G is for Games we play

A couple weeks ago I stumbled across this new link up.   Homeschooling A B C's is hosted by  5 Kids and a Dog.  I thought that was such a neat topic and it would be fun to participate.  I meant to participate that week, I think they were doing C.  Well, guess what?  This week's letter is G and it is my first time!  Well, here goes.

G is for Games

I think I would have been perfectly happy doing just bookwork in my homeschool.  Reading books, filling out workbooks, etc. I have found some exciting looking workbooks and activities. But guess what ?  My children aren't and they have let me know quite well. 

So all of a sudden it seems I had the idea to try games.  We had some letter and number games so I pulled them out.  Well it turns out they were a big hit.  My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the break in the routine and she even learned something! At this point my son was too young to play most of them so we had to do it while he was sleeping or I played with her and did something else with him at the same time.  As both of them have grown older our taste in games has expanded.  We now play history games and  trivia games as well as letter and math games.  We also have several varieties of bingo.

Some of the games we play are Made for Trade; a colonial American game, Money Bags; coin counting, Scrabble, Professor Noggin card games; trivia, but based on one topic, and a variety of flashcard deck like games.

Games have provided a nice break from traditional educational methods but still allow the brain to stay active and exercised.

I have written several other post about games we like.  You can find them under the games tag in my labels on the right.


  1. Love the games post! I am always on the lookout for great games. The classics are always a hit!

  2. We love games, too! Our DS's occupational therapist uses them for therapy.