Thursday, May 19, 2011

What is a 7 year old to do?

A few days ago I heard the dreaded question from my 7 year old son, "What can I do?" So I took the opportunity to sit down with him and brainstorm a list of things he could do.  Most of these are things he can do on his own.  Here is what we came up with.
  1. Read a Book
  2. Draw
  3. Play with Build a Bear animals
  4. Put together a puzzle
  5. Make Cards 
  6. Read his Bible
  7. Build with Legos
  8. Play with Planet Heroes Figures
  9. Read The Learning Calendar
  10. Watch a movie
  11. Play a game
  12. Pick up toys/ Clean room
  13. Take a nap
  14. Use Brain Quest cards
  15. Listen to Music
  16. Use educational activities on the computer
  17. Plan a menu
  18. Write a letter
  19. Play piano
  20. Run around outside
I think we came up with a pretty good list to choose from.  Any more suggestions?


  1. No more suggestions, but take a nap is awesome. I love that you've opened up that choice to him. My kids looked at naps as punshiments at that age. I look at them as a huge treat.

  2. saw your comment on homeschool blog. my name's Martha too :)

  3. Nice list. I have a 7 year old as well. I have been wanted to make a list as well. You have inspired me.