Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An Evening at the Magic House

A few weeks ago I mentioned in my weekly wrap up that we had had the opportunity to go to on a special outing.  The summer reading program our library sponsors had a special evening at the local children's museum, The Magic House, for all the children who completed the program.  All of these children received two free tickets to be used on a special evening when the museum was closed to the general public.

My children have no problem completing the requirements for the reading program, but due to scheduling conflicts this was the first year we were able to attend.  We had been there before, but there is so much to do it is hard to do everything in one trip. Besides, who can say 'NO' to a free field trip.

So here are some of the pictures from the evening.

Minuet in G on the Bubble Organ

Learning about Estimation on a grand scale

I  wanted these two pics next to each other, but it's not cooperating, so I just gave up.

This estimation display is just one of many in the math area.  There is also a giant balance scale, games about place value and counting and so much more.  

Children also have the opportunity to play in a neighborhood which features a grocery store, bank, TV station, electric company, library, auto mechanic, and pizzeria among others.

Just so history is not neglected the Magic House has a wonderful exhibit about Lewis and Clark.  This features a recreated camp area with many things to touch and pretend with, even slabs of play meat, and animal pelts to touch as well as use for a blanket for 'camping out'.  There is also a canoe to ride in and see the sites along the river bank.  However, I think the highlight of the Lewis and Clark area is the obstacle course where both children and adults can pretend their are on the expedition by walking several  rope bridges, crossing a balance beam over a painted river, sliding down chutes, and climbing a rope ladder.

The beanstalk from Jack and the Bean Stalk.  Children can climb the beanstalk to go up and down between three floors, rather than using the circular staircase which surrounds it.

 So just a few highlights, and pictures from our evening. We really enjoyed the time we spent there and are grateful to the library for providing affordable admission for a great evening.

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