Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Morning of Art with Michael Albert

You may not have heard of this Pop Artist or his unique style of art, cerealism, but it is definitely worth checking out.  One day last week my children and I had the opportunity to spend the morning with him in his artist workshop, learning all about his unique style of art.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the items he has created and hearing the story behind many of them.  He definitely exhibits a unique perspective on our culture and lives through his work.  One thing which struck me was how much our culture has become commercialized and the made impact brands have on our daily lives.

This is one of Michael Alberts smaller works.  I love this!  I think it also applies to many other things we do, not just gluing art projects.   I think this will become a new phrase around my house.

His website has a listing of many engagements and workshops he has scheduled.   michaelalbert.com    Check it out.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of his workshops, DO IT.  If you have any interest in art you will be so glad you did.  Also if you have the chance to see a exhibition it is well worth it. But in the mean time check out his website as well as An Artists America. This is a book of many of his different works as well as the story of how he began doing this unique art.


  1. That is very neat. Thanks for sharing this unique art. This is something my children could really love doing. I have one child who never wants to throw away a gum wrapper - I think I'll encourage her to make collages out of her saved items. :)

    I found your blog on the ABC's of Homeschooling link-up this week. Thanks!

    I'm now a follower.

  2. Hello! This is Michael Albert! Thank you for your kind words. Where was the program you attended? I hope to see you again, keep in touch!

    Michael Albert

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    Thanks & Happy Holidays to all!