Friday, September 23, 2011

Z is for Zoo

I was having a hard time trying to come up with a topic for Y or Z so I asked my children what they thought I should write about.  They said "zoo".  Since I wasn't sure what to write about the zoo I said they needed to help me write this entry.  So here is what they had to say about the zoo.

First, my daughter;

I like the priarie dogs because they kick dirt at each other when another one gets too close to their hole. I like the red pandas, but they don't look like pandas but are smaller and more orange than red. The children's zoo is also fun because you get to pet the goats. I also like to jump around in the mini splash pad.  Several times throughout the day they have live shows featuring various animals. It is fun to see the owls and other small animals.

I also like visiting my best friends, the penguins.  This is especially fun to do when it is hot outside as they keep the penguin house at 40 degrees.

Among the attractions I like to ride the train and carousel. On the train you get to ride around the whole zoo and see many parts of it without walking all over.  You can get out and see animals that are close and then get back on to go to another area.

I also really like the snake house, but my mom really would prefer not to go there. I also enjoy seeing the kangaroos. There is also a sea lion show which is interesting to watch. All the large cats are fun to see as well as the elephants.

Upon entering the visitors center is is fun to see the giant squid and shark which are suspended from the ceiling.

My sons thoughts on the zoo;

I like to see the meerkats because they like to dig holes.  I like to see them play around with each other. I also like the lions and monkeys.

Today he is being a man of few words. 

Penguin swimming

So those are my children's thoughts on the Zoo. 

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