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Nutrition 101 New TOS Review

 Nutrition 101: Choose Life
 Growing Healthy

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 By Debra Raybern, Sera Johnson, Laura Hopkins, Karen Hopkins

 Nutrition 101: Chose Life is available in several formats
  • Book $99.95   (Hardcover, full cover)
  • CD ROM  $79.95
  • Combination of Book and CD $129.95
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Multiple User Licenses are also available to facilitate use of the course in a group setting.

Several other health related books are available.

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Nutrition 101 is an Unit Study designed for all ages; children to adult and can be used in a home or group setting.  It is a comprehensive health study as well as it defines and discusses major body systems.  It teaches about the impact nutritional choices have on health and well being. This is a large volume with over 400 pages of valuable information.

 The book is comprised of 6 units and 4 chapters within each unit.  The units are:
  • The Brain and Nervous System
  • The Digestive System
  • The Respiratory, Olfactory, Auditory, and Visual Systems
  • The Skeletal and Muscular Systems
  • The Cardiovascular and Immune Systems
  • The Endocrine System and Emotions

The chapters close with discussion questions, activities and additional resources.   The activities are divided into sections for Elementary and Secondary groups, however the discussion questions are not broken down in this manner.  The additional resources feature website information and activities as well as books and printed resources. Each of these chapters is designed to be completed in a week, with a sample schedule included in the introduction to the book.

Each chapter features a recipe using a "power" food that is especially important for the health of the body system studied in the chapter.  At the end of each unit are several additional recipes. These recipes also focus on the body system, but are not labeled as power recipes. You will find all types of recipes from appetizers to main dishes and desserts.

There are also a number of appendixes which give more information about topics such as buying the healthiest foods, food pyramid and nutritional charts, fiber, protein, types of oils, sugar, and so much more useful information.  The appendixes comprise a book in themselves.

An activity guide is at the end of the book and features "answers" and guides/tips for the end of chapter and recipe activities.

Nutrition 101: Choose Life  is hardcover book with lovely full color pictures and graphics.  A CD version is also available with the same pictures and graphics.

Growing Healthy Homes has a sample of the book available.

The basis for the authors' information and facts are well documented at the end of the volume. 

It is evident how strongly the authors feel about healthy eating from their biographies in the book as well as the story by Sera Johnson detailing her family's journey to healthier food choices.

How we used Nutrition 101

I read aloud the text as we studied the brain, the nervous system, and digestion.  During these read alouds we also discussed the material frequently as it is written in a fairly complex manner.  The sentences are complex and the concepts presented are quite detailed. We also used the discussion questions, however some of them were pretty complex for my 7 and 10 year olds.  Both of my children said they were learning things about their bodies, but I am not sure how much my younger one grasped as evidenced by his answers to the discussion questions. We also incorporated several of the elementary activities.  My children enjoyed outlining themselves and drawing in body parts.

I also supplemented this study with several resources I own. The brain diagrams in Chapter 1 were pretty complex for my just turned 7 year old so I found brain diagrams in a couple other books and we looked at these while using the text from Nutrition 101.  I also had an anatomy coloring book so I gave him corresponding pictures to color. The diagrams of the digestive system were not as complex and overwhelming to him.

The text mentions the digestive system is 30 feet long, so I had my children measure that length.  They discovered that our whole house is only a few feet longer than the digestive system! They were also amazed that something that long fits in our bodies.

We tried the guacamole recipe. Unfortunately, none of us enjoyed it.  Several of the other recipes we have been unable to try as I haven't been able to find the ingredients.  When I asked about several of the recommended oils (used as substitutes for vegetable oil) management at several grocery stores politely laughed.  They had never even heard of them.  We are looking forward to trying several of the fruit salad recipes as the items come into season and become more affordable.

The one thing I would have liked to have more of are comprehension questions geared to younger students.  My 7 year old son had difficulty with a lot of the questions provided.

The text also incorporates many Bible references, but for the most part we skipped over those as many references are not used in their proper Scriptural context.

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Disclaimer:  I received a free electronic copy of this product in order to write this review.  I have not been compensated in any other manner.  All opinions expressed here are solely my own.

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