Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Resources for Lent

We have the habit of beginning our day with a Bible Story and discussion, but during Lent and Advent I try to do a little more in this area.  During Lent we have been focusing on repentance, our need for a Savior and Jesus' love for us that drove him to the Cross.

This year we have also been working on memorizing a hymn. I chose "Glory Be to Jesus".  We have been working on it verse by verse over the course of the last few weeks.  I have to say that both of my children have done a great job at memorizing it.  My son even sings it to himself throughout the day.  I guess I need to find an Easter hymn to begin memorizing after Easter.

This year our main resource for our Lent devotion has been Celebrate Jesus at Easter. There is a devotion and activity for each day of the week from Ash Wednesday through the first week of Easter. We have not done all of the activities or memorized all the hymns, but have used several on different occasions.

(In the interest of full disclosure I need to mention that my husband works for the publisher of this book.)

Another resource which we will use next week during Holy Week is Mouse Prints The Time of Easter.  This is part of a series of books describing the church year from a Lutheran perspective.  The Time of Easter covers the period of the church year from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday.  During the week we will also read the Gospel lessons from the Entry into Jerusalem through the Burial of Jesus.

This book for the most part is below the level of my children now, but we all enjoy it so much that I feel we just have to read it.  Many times there is something new to be learned.  Plus I also have it on tape so that we can listen to it and that is a nice change of pace too.

Unfortunately, I think it is out of print and no longer available except from a few private sellers online.

Even though we are nearing the end of Lent I hope you have enjoyed learning about a couple of the books we use.

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