Monday, April 18, 2011

Week in Review

I missed the Homeschool Mothers Journal link up this week, but still wanted to post a review or our week.  We had quite a busy week. 

Monday we spent most of the day at the local History Museum for their homeschool program.  This months topic was Missouri History.  Some of the activities included Square Dancing, a one man play about the Oregon Trail, a presentation about local brick making and their uses here and an art project of making a memory book.  We all really enjoyed the square dancing and were sad when it was over.  The gentleman who does the one man plays draws the listener in and makes you feel like you  really are part of the event as it is happening. History in this form is so much more exciting than reading about it.

Tuesday afternoon we went to the homeschool class at our library.  As April is National Poetry month we listened to The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein and  the kids wrote their own poems. The librarian had several cute notebooking type pages from which the kids could chose to write their poem on. I really appreciated this class as poetry is something that I just don't care to write.  I guess I just can't write pieces that are short or concise!

Leonardo DaVinci's birthday is April 15th, as is my son's. He quite frequently shares this tidbit with other people.   Since we haven't done much of anything art related lately I decided we would spend some time studying DaVinci.  We did some reading and began a lapbook about his life. We haven't finished the lapbook yet, but hopefully this week and I want to do some other projects related to DaVinci. He was involved in so many different things it shouldn't be too hard to find things to do.  I have several great books from the library to help.

Daughter also had her piano lesson this week.

In addition to all this we did accomplish some academic type work.

I spent a lot of time this week on prep work for various projects as well as making a birthday cake for my son.  I will have to write about and share pictures in a separate post.

It looks like we are going to have another busy week this week. 

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  1. We listened to some Shel Silverstein as well this week!! Have a blessed Easter.