Wednesday, October 26, 2011

C is for Cooking up Sentences

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Are you thinking, "What kind of crazy recipe is this?, How do you cook a sentence?"

Well, it doesn't have much to do with recipes or cooking at all.Cooking Up Sentences is a game which reinforces parts of speech.At the beginning of play each person chooses a chef token and one of 8 recipes.LOTS of word tiles are separated into piles based on which part of speech they are and put around the board.While the recipes have titles of various yummy sounding baked goods, what you are actually making are complete sentences. Each recipe lists about 6 ingredients which are needed to make that item. The 'ingredients' are collected while moving around the board and landing on spaces which are labelled with a part of speech.Then you have to correctly identify which pile contains the part of speech on which you landed. If you are correct, then you get to choose a word from that pile.To make it self checking the spaces on the board match the colors on the back of the tiles. In other words, if the colors match then you get to keep the tile.

To win, a player has to use all the ingredients in his recipe and the proper quantity as well (Sometimes the 'recipe' calls for more than one of a certain part of speech). Additional parts of speech which have been collected during the game can be used as well. Sentences can be funny, but they do have to be grammatically correct. When a player has completed a sentence, they read it out loud, including ending punctuation and then name which part of speech each word is.Some of the sentences we have come up with have been hilarious.

Both my 7 and 10 year old enjoy playing the game, but I think my 7 year old asks to play more frequently.I enjoy it as well and have been known to make an occasional mistake, usually by accident. This totally delights them. Somehow, I usually get beaten by one of my kiddos. But I still enjoy playing.

I can't believe this is letter C already, the weeks just fly by. I didn't post the previous two weeks, because I wasn't sure what to right about and then by the time I had an idea, it was too late.Maybe I will have to write them anyway. Cooking Up Sentences for the letter C was actually my daughters idea.

Thanks to Dawn at The Momma Knows for hosting Homeschooling ABC's.


  1. Where would I get one of these games? It sounds just like what my kids would enjoy. We have a math game called "Number Fun: A Treasury of 5 Games that Sharpen Math Skills" and my kid love to play it. And it really has helped them with adding numbers 1 to 10. (We don't play the other games yet, because they are for older children.)

  2. Thank you for the information about this great sounding game, and thank you for following my blog!