Monday, October 24, 2011

Say Anything Family Game TOS Review


Say Anything Family Edition by Northstar Games

NorthStar Games produces several games for families and groups

Ages 8 and up for 3-6 players

Say Anything contains 6 playing boards, 12 tokens, a score board, a stack of question cards, dry erase pens and a Select-O-Matic 6000 which all fit into cavities in the tray in the box. The playing boards and score board are all dry erase. The boards and tokens are color coded with each player receiving the same color of board and tokens.

To play, a judge is selected and given the Select-O-Matic 6000. They then read the question outloud and the other players write their answer on their dry erase playing board. After all players have written their answer, all players place their tokens on the answer or answers they think the judge may pick. The judge then shows which answer they like best by pointing the arrow on the Select-O-Matic 6000 to the color of the board with their chosen answer. Points are awarded based on judge selection of the answer and token placement. The next round begins with a new player taking over the role of judge and the former judge now writing an answers.

Our Thoughts about Say Anything

My 7 year old says:

"This is a cool game.I like writing down hilarious and crazy answers. It is a lot of fun."

My 10 year old says:

"I really like this because it allows you to write what ever you think about the question of what you think the judge might say. I like being the judge too, because I get to pick the one I like best.Sometimes picking one answer is hard because they are all good, but that is part of the fun."

One thing I like is the choice of questions on each card.Sometimes one of the questions maybe about a topic the kiddos aren't familiar or require explanations, but with multiple questions it is easy enough to choose another question on the same card.

Playing on dry erase surfaces is also very nice.I like not having to find paper in order to play or having all the used pieces of paper laying around when the game is over.

We also found that it is more fun to play with 4 people rather than just 3.  Since one player doesn't write answers in a round, having more answers to choose from made play more interesting. It also avoided hurt feelings when a parent was the judge. Judge wasn't playing favorites then. (wink)

Neither my 7 or 10 year old had any trouble playing although we ran into several questions which weren't the most appropriate or that the 7 year old did not understand.It was also a game which my husband seemed to enjoy playing with us.

Although all of these things about Say Anything Family are great, I think the best part are the simple, uncomplicated directions.  We found the directions to be very easy to understand and then we could get right to playing the game.  We didn't have to try to figure out what was meant or decipher anything.  After setting everything up we were playing in less than five minutes. That's great. I really like games where set up and reading the directions doesn't take as long as actually playing the game.

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Disclaimer: I received a free Say Anything game in exchange for this review.I have not been compensated in any other way.All opinions expressed  here are solely my own.

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